Basic Tips For Purchasing The Right Kind Of Crate For Your Family Dog

A dog crate is for so much more than keeping your home safe from a curious dog while you are out. A crate can offer your dog a welcome retreat where it feels safe and comforted. A dog crate can be a big investment. You want to find a durable crate that will be with you for the life of your dog. It is also important that it be comfortable for your dog.
The first thing you will need to figure out when for a dog crate is the size that you need. The crate needs to be large enough to enable your dog to be comfortable while lying down, turning around, and standing up. If you select a crate with too much room your dog is liable to select one area to for sleeping and another part as their personal potty. 
If you are buying a crate for a puppy you probably want to purchase one that will match the size of the dog when it is completely grown. You can then use a crate divider to create the proper size of crate as your puppy grows. There are two main types of large dog crates you can purchase, wire and plastic. Factors that will help determine the right crate for you include your particular and whether or not you plan to travel by air or bus with your dog. 
Since large metal dog crates offer improved ventilation they are often the best choice for in warmer climates. The best choice for colder areas and short haired dogs are plastic crates since they will retain heat more effectively. If you have any plans to take your dog on a trip on an airplane you will need a plastic dog crate for travel. After you select your crate you can add some accessories. Some of the more typical crate accessories are toys, treats, a crate bed, and a crate cover. 
Your dog will be much more comfortable with the addition of a crate pad or bed. A cover will give your dog more privacy and toys and treats will give your dog some .

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