The Responsibilities Of Raising A Pug

The has been registered with the since 1885, and are first known to come from China, where they were used as not only a companion, but as a guard-dog. Pugs are very particular when it comes to comfort. They do not like to be either too hot or too cold, which is understandable as their coat of fur is not substantial. As they are small dogs, they would do particularly well in an apartment or smaller home, as long as you regularly play with them. If you begin from puppyhood, they can get along just fine with other animals and children. If you have a cat in particular, do make sure it can handle living with a dog, as cat claw can be a particular problem with pugs. The reason for this is that cats, when provoked, tend to swat at an animal’s face, and pugs’ eyes protrude slightly from the face. There are a number of responsibilities to take into consideration when deciding whether to get a pug dog.

A lot of the dog breeds have health problems that are inherited and they have been associated with specific dog breeds. This small is no exception to this matter. What are some of the common problems with this pup? You should be on the look out for , and breathing problems. There are some other diseases that could be a threat. We highly recommend you speaking with your in order to obtain a complete list.

Of course, when you have a in the house, you need to make sure you have water available at all times. You should also opt for the best type of dog food. You will need to go to the veterinarian several times during the first year of the pups life in order to get those shots, boosters and of course, . When your pup grows up, they will need to go yearly for shots and a check up. The life span of this animal can be anywhere from twelve to fourteen years with the , great living conditions and medical care.

Training a pug isn’t as difficult as training some breeds can be. They are smart and willing to please, but you must be dependable and develop a steady routine with your pug. As long as you’re doing your share (letting him out to potty, encouraging good behavior, correcting bad behavior, etc.), you should have a well-trained pug in no time!

Taking on the responsibilities of caring for any animal is not a decision to make lightly. Neither is the source of which you obtain your dog. There are many places in which you can find pugs, including the classifieds in your local paper, breeders, pug rescue organizations, and even by typing in “pug puppies for sale” in Google. Wherever you decide to obtain your pug from, we hope you find a terrific companion for the years to come!

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