The Dog Smells Awful

It is very true.  Your best friend stinks.Your ? Still your favorite friend.  Loyal.  Uncomplicated.  Dedicated.Completely True.Truly undemanding (most of the time)!).Here is the question: What more could a friend want from another?Here is the answer…A fragrant dog-friend.

How did this problem come to pass.In the long-ago days, man’s best friend was also a hunter-friend, a fetching--friend, a needed asset to carry small loads to and fro.When everyone stinks, who notices a smelly dog.  Fast forward to today, and a dog’s life is so different as to be ludicrous.The owner brings food to the dog nowadays.  may carry dog-friend to the store as , may play ball with dog-friend.  But, the major difference between then and now, is that the owner takes regular !We all know dogs aren’t keen on getting a bath.In fact , your best may immediately find a very smelly place to roll around in.  But, the dog who sleeps in MY bed can’t smell like a goat. 

So, what is the owner to do and why?A healthy dog is not dirty and smelly?YES!Dirt that is contaminated with bacteria, germs, viruses, has an endless list.When brought into the home, these same germs, bacteria and viruses contaminate furniture, clothing, carpets and other household items.It is very important to keep contaminants out of our living environments, particularly when elderly people are about, or where children live, or where allergies exist…and also off the poor pup.

That answers the why part of the question above.Now, let’s examine how.

gives new meaning to the smelly life of a dog.Expect Nok-Out to eliminate odors in carpet, flooring, even upholstered furniture, , autos, clothing kennels, and on your dog.The subject is Nok-Out.  It will destroy all odors, germs, bacteria, viruses, even on contact, and is completely harmless to you, your personal articles, and most importantly, to your dog!  Nok-Out can be applied to any hard or porous surface simply by spraying, wiping, sponging, or mopping.  You can dip your dog in Nok-Out, spray his coat with Nok-Out, put it in his bath water.Nok-Out is EPA Registered to kill all pathogens of importance in your environment. It will not harm you, your pets, or your family.

This is good to try today!  You are sure to get relief from dog-smells in your home, in the car, anywhere you go with your best friend.


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