Fish Oil For Dogs

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One of my partners called me yesterday, and he wanted to tell me about what one of the participants in our test group had told him. Our test group took my ultra pure pharmaceutical grade for a couple months, before we released it, and the female participant that had spoken to my partner was, for lack of a better term, our guinea pig.

The woman works as a nurse at a dialysis clinic, is over 50 years of age, widowed, and has , (real dogs…not those miniature that are so popular today), and the dogs are somewhere between 8 and 11 years of age.

She started to take my pharmaceutical grade fish oil, because the stuff she was taking gave her “fish burps,” which she didn’t like, and she was attracted to the higher levels of EPA/DHA  in my formula, which she wasn’t getting in the stuff she picked up at the drugstore.

Her primary reason for trying out the fish oil was in order to reduce her arthritic pain. At fifty, and being a full , she is on her feet for many, many hours at a time, and it’s been hard on her.

She had been taking my fish oil formula for about four weeks, when she told us that she had experienced a substantial decrease in her pain level. She said it was like having new legs!

Here’s where the story goes to fish oil for dogs.

Her dogs, named Shaggy and Shea, were getting up in age and therefore were not as active as they were in their younger days, and Shea seemed to have a bit of limp. After being on the fish oil formula for a month and feeling great, she decided to feed the dogs a softgel each day when they got their treats. In just two weeks, the dogs had higher energy levels, and Shea was walking without a hitch.

I understand this is not scientific, and I’m certainly not a veterinarian. I’m at a loss for words – a rare thing for me. But if it has benefits…I’m not going to stand in the way of her giving fish oil for dogs.

Shea and Shaggy’s mom is certainly not the only person who has reported that fish oil is a fantastic way for reducing pain associated with arthritis. Taking pharmaceutical-grade fish oil is a tremendous help for battling joint troubles.

I read a study recently from Columbia University Medical Center revealing that omega 3 fatty acids might help reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by 19 to 24%. Enteric coated fish oil can also help with heart, joint, and brain function.

Alzheimer’s is the number one health fear of my generation.

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