Three Easy Steps You Can Use For Potty Training Puppies

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Getting a puppy isn’t just fun and games, there is a certain amount of responsibility in maintaining them with perhaps none more frustrating than potty training puppies. It is not as if you can tell them to use the bathroom whenever they feel like doing their business, even if you could, good luck in getting them to flush the afterwards.

You don't need to worrr though because there are specific steps you can take to make sure that your do their business when and where you want them to and it you don't need to use . You might even be surprised as to how easy potty training a puppy is. Just how easy? Well easy enough to summarize in three steps:

Three Steps in

1. Set up the mpuppes meals to promote the call of nature - There's a specific amount of time that a puppies digestive system needs to go through its cycle and get from meal to waste. This is different from puppy to puppy so watch the amount of time it takes your puppy to do it's business after a full meal. It may take several monitoring to determine the average amount of time but once you get it then proceed to step two.

2. Take the business inside or outside - Figure out whether you want your puppy to do its business inside your house or outdoors. Keep in mind that what is important is what is convenient to you because you can go either way. Whether you are indoors or outdoors you would still have to clean up after it.

3. Paper or plastic - If you decide to train your puppy to do its business in the house, then you need a of newspaper and scent-spray which you can get at most pet stores.

a. Whenever your puppy needs to relieve itself lay down a generous stack of newspapers and spray a small amount of scent spray on it.

b. Keep the puppy in the newspaper covered area and wait until it does its business. Right after it does let it smell the scent sprayed on the newspaper.

c. Do step b again and again until your puppy gets used to the newspaper or the scent and then it will look for one or the other the next time it needs to relieve itself.

You can train the puppy to do its business outdoors by simply taking it out for a walk. It will eventually find a spot after a while and assume the position. Do not forget to clean up after your puppy. After a while, your puppy gets used to this method, he/she will give signs of needing and wanting to go out doors when it feels the need to do its business.

And there you have it three sure fire easy steps for potty training puppies. It doesn't cost much; it doesn't take rocket science, not even awkwardly expensive gadgets - just a good amount of patience.

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