The Real Pit Bull Terrier Dog: Exposing The Myths

The Real Pit Bull Terrier Dog: Exposing The Myths

When many people think of Bulls, they automatically think of all the bad things they have heard about them. While Bulls can be aggressive, they have great ability to be a loving, devoted pet to a caring owner. Caring owners should become familiar with their pets personality traits, and learn how to deal with them. Bulls that are raised with owners who love them and give them the attention they crave, do very well at suppressing their aggressiveness and turn out to be very tame, loving dogs. Bulls have a very deep need for attention, and if they don't get it, sometimes they will indulge in destructive behaviors out of their disappointment and lonesomeness.


While having the ability to do very well with humans, Pit Bulls have a hard time controlling their aggressiveness around other dogs. This is due in part to the fact that at one time the sole purpose of breeding a Pit was for it to fight other dogs. They usually behave worse around dogs that are of the same gender as they are.

Pit Bulls tend to do best with owners that would be very devoted to caring for their pet. They require a great deal of time and attention for training and exercise. Pit Bulls are probably not the best choice for people with hectic schedules, or who spend a lot of time away from home. Due to their aggressive nature, Pit Bulls do better in families that do now have other pets at home.

If raised in loving homes with responsible owners, Pit Bulls can fit in well with families with children. They tend to get over excited occasionally and may jump on or knock children down, but usually won't harm them. Proper training of the Pit Bull can help them better learn to deal with children and situations where they may have issues.

For all intents and purposes Pit Bulls tend to be easy to train. Some believe it has to do with the fact that they strive to please their owners, and that they are highly intelligent dogs. They do well in training programs that are centered around positive reinforcement.

Pit Bulls are usually very healthy dogs, and most live anywhere from twelve to fourteen years. They do have some health problems common to the breed, but regular check-ups with a veterinarian can help prevent many of those before they occur. Veterinarians can also help the owner with suggestions on training, feeding, and general care of the pet to ensure the best outcomes.

While they do require a great deal of care in order to thrive, Pit Bulls can make terrific pets. They need to be owners that are responsible, loving and devoted to what is best for them. Pit Bulls are a usually social breed, and therefore require a lot of attention. The breed is often overlooked when in the market for a pet, but with the right owner can be a great pet.

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