What Are The Advantages Of a Raw Food Diet For Dogs?

Who wouldn’t want to have a dog in their life? They make really . But most dog owners don’t give very much though on what to feed their dogs, usually turning to commercial to feed their pets. There are of course advantages to commercial dog food, one being convenience, however, if you have a dog living with you, why not look into a raw food diet for dogs?


A raw food diet does offer some advantages. It contains concentrated nutrition whereas dog food in a can contains a lot of fillers such as grains. It also contain a lot of water. These ingredients are what you are paying for in a can of commercial dog food.


There is ongoing debate about the nuritional value of gains in a canine diet and some say a  dog’s digestion cannot properly process grains. Wherever the truth lies, there is no doubt that grains are added to commercial dog food to boost the manufacturers’ profits rather than the !


As commercial dog food need to be cooked as part of the processing process, a lot of the vitamins and minerals in the food are lost. Although extra supplements are added to the final , can this be as nutritionally whole as the natural vitamins and minerals found in a raw food diet?


More and more owners are feeding their dogs raw food or at least a mixture of both raw and canned. As people are becoming more conscious of what they themselves eat, naturally they are also concerned that their pet is also getting the best nutrition possible. Dog owners are also concerned about the quality of meat that goes into commercial . Usually these are  poor quality meats that are unfit for human consumption. When you buy your dog’s meat yourself, you have much more control over his diet.


However there are a few concerns people have about starting a raw food diet. To begin with what should you feed your dog and just how much? Are there any foods that should be limited or avoided? Should bones be something to give a dog on a raw diet? Lastly, how could you fit that raw diet into a busy schedule?


We would like to answer that last question first. Buying raw food for the dog is no less difficult or consuming that it is to buy commercial dog food. Putting some meat and vegetables inside your shopping cart, instead of dog food takes the same amount of time and energy.


It will take a little bit of adjusting to get used to how much and what to feed your dog, but once you start to do it, you will have the hang of it in no time. After a while, it is going to become second nature. Your dog will be the one to tell you what he or she likes to eat and just how much.


When it comes to a raw food diet for dogs, I’m pretty sure your dog will end up thanking you for it. This type of diet will also help to keep your dog healthier and the coat shinier. If you’re still unconvinced, just start gradually adding raw food to your dog’s diet. I’m sure, as you start to see the the advantages you’ll become a convert too.

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