The Dog is Everyone’s Best Friend

Some people like having pets, others don’t. Then there are people who don’t know that they are people because they simply have never experienced the joy that in your home can bring.

Dogs aren’t known as ‘Mans best friend’ for no reason. They can be the best and most you ever need. Of course they won’t be able to give you advice or help you move house but they can do a whole lot of other things. From a personal point of view my own dogs bring so much to my life, these are some examples:


Before my dog came to live with me I struggled to find a reason to go out for a walk or to get someone to come along. Without fail, my dog comes along with me every time. I have always enjoyed my out with my dog.


There are days in everyone’s life when you don’t feel like getting up in the morning. If you have a dog you have to. Every morning, my dog will make his way upstairs at around the same time and nuzzle his head under the covers to greet me. Sound like a terrible nightmare? I can’t get annoyed with him. When they are visibly so happy to see you and are always in a mood, how can you?

Safety Outdoors

Going back to my walks, there are areas I like to stroll that I would never have gone to by myself but having my beautiful loyal dog at my side provides that element of security. Even though he is an exceptionally friendly pet, he will turn into a protector if he senses danger. Although I suspect I would also feel the need to protect him too! That is what friends are for right?

Safety at Home

In this day and age when few people feel completely safe in their own home, your dog is an excellent deterrant. Most dogs will bark or alert you in some way if they see someone too close to the house or hear a noise they aren’t expecting. Mine does, and I didn’t train him to do that. As long as the ‘would be ’ doesn’t catch on that my dog would simply jump at him and except some kind of praise, we’ll be ok!


I have to say I am never bored in my house. You know those days when you want to do something but don’t know what. Nothing to read, nothing on television, don’t want to do housework. Well, your four legged canine friend will only too happily provide entertainement for as long as necessary. Teach him some tricks, play catch or use him as an excuse to go out for a run. Boredom disappears like magic!

And I got all this for the price of an adoption fee from the local dogs home and a bag of dog food every month. I wouldn’t trade my four legged best buddy for anything.

Keep in mind that having a dog is almost like having a child. You do need to take good care of him. He needs his medical check ups, he needs to be fed a healthy diet and he needs to be given lots of attention and guidance to make sure he grows into a good adult dog. So make sure you find a good vet, a well stocked pet supplies shop and read some dog books too because there are plenty out there.


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