Basic Rules Every Dog Owner Should Follow

You and your dog are basically in a symbiotic relationship in which each other needs are fulfilled by the other. He showers you with undying, unconditional affection and . For your part, you provide him with meals, dog treats, a roof over his head, periodic trips to the vet, and your friendship. In most instances, it is a close match that gains in strenght over time.

Unfortunately, even the most loving at times forget to take care of a few essential responsibilities. In today's article, I'll give you a few reminders of things you need to do (if you haven't already) in order to keep your canine companion safe, healthy, and happy.

Tip 1 – Alway apply a Leash to your dog when outdoors

A lot of owners feel leashing their dog is cruel and inhibiting. While taking a stroll around the neighborhood, visiting parks, or going to other public places, they'll leave the leash at home. That's a bad idea. Even if your pooch has been properly vaccinated and has his tags, keeping him on a leash is best for everyone – including him.

Tip 2 – Spay Or Neuter Your

Unless you're a professional breeder, there's little reason to avoid spaying or neutering your canine companion. By doing so, you can help your dog to a more healthy and longer life. Also, it's worth noting that one of the leading causes of homeless mutts is that their owners fail to have their pets “fixed.” That leads to a greater number of pooches being placed into shelters and eventually euthanized.

Tip 3 – Enroll Him In Obedience

Dogs begin learning how to behave immediately. What's more, they continue learning throughout their lives. If their bad habits are not curbed, those habits can develop into frustrating behavioral problems. Enroll your pooch into . Not only will he learn what type of behavior is acceptable and what isn't, but the training will also improve the relationship you share together.

Tip 4 – Give Him Exercise

Dogs are physical creatures and as such need daily activity for a wide variety of reasons. , if you spend most of the day away from home, he's going to have pent-up energy. He needs a way to release it. Second, daily exercise keeps your dog healthy and enthusiastic. Take him for a walk in the morning and again during the evening. You'll find that providing exercise for him will keep him happy and healthy.

A Lifetime Of Loyalty

Having a dog is a lifelong commitment of responsibilities. Indeed, keeping your canine companion healthy and safe requires ongoing vigilance. But, by providing him with the essentials he needs, especially in the beginning, you'll lay the foundation for a lifelong friendship. Most owners agree that the loyalty and love they share with their dogs is irreplaceable. Take care of your pooch and he'll remain faithful to you for the rest of his days.

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