Healthy Dogs keep Vet Bills to a Minimum

Healthy Dogs keep Vet Bills to a Minimum

It’s easy to spend money on our for items they don’t truly need. After all, a little pampering never hurt. Unfortunately, while millions of owners purchase trinkets and luxuries for their canines, they often fail to invest the same attention into their dogs’ health. This can result into larger down the road. Even worse, the thought of an expensive trip to the vet causes many owners to delay necessary treatment for their .

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the things you can do to maintain your ’s health. By spending a little time and money upfront, you can avoid costly emergency bills in the future.

Throughly Inspect Your Pet Weekly


Canines deal with plenty of problems, including ear and eye infections, odd discharges, , and more. Making matters worse, being outside can result in fleas, scratches, and other issues. Make sure you inspect your dog at least once a week to look for any problems. That includes brushing his teeth, checking his eyes and ears, and even smelling his breath. Otherwise, small problems can become serious quickly.

Enroll In Training Classes

Not only will turn an otherwise rambunctious into a more pleasant companion, but it can save you money on emergency bills. A trained canine is less likely to dart from you into traffic while you’re walking him. Also, training will prevent his snapping or biting a stranger or another pet.

Don’t Neglect Spaying Or Neutering

You should spay or neuter your dog for the health benefits, unless of course you are a professional dog breeder. Spaying and neutering has substantial health benefits, beside the birth control effects. In female canines, there is a much lower chance of developing . And the likelihood of developing cancer in the ovaries or uterus is eliminated. For males, the procedure significantly lowers the likelihood of developing testicular cancer.

Set Aside An

Sometimes, emergencies are unavoidable. You can provide the best care possible for your dog and still end up worried in the veterinarian’s waiting room. Set aside money before a medical emergency happens. That way, you’ll have the funds to make sure your pooch receives the treatment he needs.

Too often, owners make the tragic decision of sacrificing their canines’ health because they are unable to afford the required treatment. Avoid that situation entirely by creating an emergency fund for your dog.

One last note: make an appointment with the veterinarian to give your pooch a routine check-up every six months. Even if you’re inspecting his coat, eyes, ears, and teeth once a week at home, problems can escape your notice. Plus, your canine may be coping with an internal issue. The veterinarian can perform an examination that uncovers medical problems before they become serious. Treating them early can prevent emergencies later.

A little preventative care – and a lot of love – can keep your dog healthy and happy while preserving your bank account.

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