How To Feed And Care for Mastiff Puppies


Are you experiencing bad days with your Mastiff? Do he or she always get into chewing all of your shoes or are they trying to make a potty seat out of your house? How would you like toteach yourself how to train and care for ? Surely, this is the thing that you have in your mind right now if you want to have a happy home and an obedient mastiff . You remember the first you took your home and thinking how cute and lovable he is although he could weigh around 200 lbs. when fully grown but you’re wrong. The moment he steps into your house, he will really make himself comfortable as in annoyingly comfortable. Well, you can’t blame your dog. English Mastiff are dogs. But you can somehow learn by yourself how to give them proper care and and for now, this is the only thing you need to know first.

So, how do you care for a Mastiff? Bear in mind that these are gigantic dogs and they need more than just the natural way in taking care of it. According to a friend who has his own pet Mastiff dog, you have to make sure that you have ample supply of food around. Aside from a very hearty eater, Mastiff dogs gets hungry easily. From time to time, they need to eat. They’re not the same with any regular-sized dogs which you only need to feed two or three times daily. His own Mastiff eats all throughout the day. After breakfast, there are at least 3 in-between meals before lunch. Before the day ends, his Mastiff can be fed up to three times more and after dinner, it’s cookies once again. He also added that he had learned a lot of things on how to take care of his Mastiff with the help of a book guide which he had purchased through the Internet.

He added that it’s usually easier to train and care for these gigantic dinosaurs if they are still Mastiff puppies. As younglings, these canine friend of yours are just any other regular dogs with regular size. But they can grow twice or thrice as big than any other dog when they reach the age of about a year.

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