How to Crate Train Your Puppy

Crate training has been around for quite some , but there are people who still do not understand the importance of crate training in the successful house training of a dog.

Crate training is an integral part of basic puppy training, and knowing exactly how to carte train is very important.

Crate training without knowing what to do is just as good as not crate training at all. In fact, if a puppy is crate trained the wrong way, there would be no advantages gained, the puppy would not have learned or been taught anything good and the puppy may have been given a bad habit or two on the other hand.

Crate training is an established program with certain do's and don'ts. It has its set advantages if done the proper way. There is a specific purpose in crate training, and to gain those ends carte training has to be done properly.

The basic and most important part of crate training is the size of the crate. The size of the crate used has to be directly proportionate to the size of the dog.

The uppermost need for crate training is to prevent the dog from peeing in the house, or in places he is not supposed to pee in.

By nature and basic instinct a dog will not lie down or sleep in its own urine or faeces. It will never pee or make its business in a place it has to lie down in. A dog is confined in a crate to prevent it from doing these things inside the house. While confined in a crate of proper size a dog will restrain itself from urinating or moving its bowels.

To achieve this, the crate has to be big enough for the dog to make a full circle while standing. It should be just a few inches longer than the body of the dog from the tip of the nose to the end of the rear rump, and a few inches taller than the standing height of the dog,

The crate should be big enough for the dog to stand up without bumping its head on the top, and spin around without any part of its body touching the sides of the crate, BUT no bigger. A very large crate for a small dog would allow the dog to walk around in it, pee at one end and lie down at the other.

What to put in the crate and when not to confine the dog in the crate is another very important part of crate training.

Apart from its chew toys nothing else should be in the crate with the dog. No food or water should be placed in a crate.

It is important not to confine a puppy in a crate for lengthy periods at a time.

The crate is not a punishment room, and the dog should not be confined in the crate just because it s being punished for doing something wrong. If we use the crate to punish the dog, it is going to distrust the crate and become anxious about it

The dog should regard the crate as a place of safety and security, for it to be happy in it while it is alone and its owners are away from the house.

Crate training also involves us knowing how and when to release the dog from the crate

A dog has to be released from the crate periodically in an area where it can relieve itself.

The dog will relieve itself immediately it is let out from the crate. Once the dog has relieved itself it should be praised or rewarded to reinforce that peeing iside the house is not allowed.

The type of crate is another important aspect of crate training.  Most crates are made of steel. There should be no rough or sharp edges anywhere in the crate.

After being confined for a few hours the time a dog will get agitated and try and escape. In attempting to do so it should not scratch, cut or hurt itself on the crate.

Crate train your puppy properly and you will have it house broken in no time fulfilling your task of basic puppy training.

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