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One should never attempt to train a if they have no knowledge about basic puppy training.

Anyone could learn , there are so many sources of information, but the fear of information overload is very likely to deter one. Learn how to train a dog, before to attempt to train one.

by nature, love to please and love to be rewarded. This basic nature of a puppy makes dog quite an easy task. Communicating with the animal is the most difficult part of .

Three fourth of the battle is won if you can get the dog to understand your intentions, actions and commands

The cardinal rule in dog training is ‘TRUST’ ‘RESPECT’ and ‘LOVE’ and definitely NOT FEAR. If a dog fears you, you will be useless as a trainer to that dog. Fear breeds mistrust. Dogs never trust a person it fears.

Avoid striking the dog al all costs, whether it is with your bare hand or with an object like a leash, cane or anything.

Avoid loud repetitive and harsh scolding al all costs.

To convey your disapproval a single stern verbal NO is more than enough, anything else would be over doing it.

Be positive from the very start. Use rewards and praise instead. If the dog realizes that it will get no praise or reward if it does the wrong thing, it will soon try and remember the things HE SHOULD NOT DO

Rewards are a very important part of basic puppy training.

Remember that any praise or reward will reinforce correct behaviour. Hugging and petting or lovingly stroking the dog when it does the right thing is OK, BUT a reward with a small treat goes a longer way in reinforcing correct behaviour.

Food is the prime motivator with all animals, and the dog is no different.

The next best thing in dog training is your body language. Develop the art of communicating with your actions instead with your words. From the beginning develop body movements that express approval and disapproval. Establish a relationship with a and each particular movement of your hand or head.

Puppies are very alert, attentive and sensitive. Body language can go a long way and achieve just as response as verbal commands.

The best way to perfect your body language is to start with accompanying each basic verbal command with a particular action of the head and hand. Identify that particular verbal command with that particular body movement.

After some only resort to the movement and reward immediately when there is a positive response from the dog. Reward the dog on a positive response and establish in its mind what that body movement meant.

To succeed at dog training you must be persistent. You must persevere if you want results. Frustration can be an early experience, but do not give up.

Never expect results in unrealistic time frames. Do not set a time timtable for results. Work at achieving results instead. As a trainer, you must learn to be patient.

Never give up. Soldier on and be rewarded with a well trained and well behaved dog.

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