Buying Long Lasting Outdoor Dog Houses

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Often people have a hard determining the best type of dog house to buy for their four legged friend. The size of your dog is the first thing you will need to know. This will make getting the proper size dog house possible. There are a few things to think about when choosing the best house for your dog.
If you have a dog that lives outside most of the time you need to look at the in your area. Those who live in an area where it is regularly wet and cold should seriously consider buying a heated dog house. If that is out of your price range you definitely want to get one that is waterproof and insulated and then add a heated dog bed or pad. Only use a heated pad made for use with animals since your dog can become overheated if you use one designed for humans. Heated are designed to be chew proof and operated safely using low voltage. 
A dog bed with cedar chip stuffing will naturally repel fleas. If you live in an area where heat is more of an issue you want a dog house that will help keep your dog cool. Look for one with plenty of and place it in an area of your yard where it will be in shade most of the day. There are air conditioned dog houses available for those dogs that easily overheat. 
Select a large dog house that gives your dog plenty of room to lay down and turn around, but not so large that it is hard to heat. Bigger is not better in the dog house world. Dog houses can be made from many such as plastic, PVC, , and wood. You can choose one that is completely assembled or a kit that you can build.

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