Features Of The Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

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I’m sure that you’ll agree that no are exactly alike, even if they’re the same breed. In the same way, there is no single best that is best for every dog. Not only do you want to consider price when making your selection, but you’ve also got to keep the well-being of your faithful pooch in mind. If you’ve ever had to spend a night sleeping on a mattress that was way too soft, too lumpy, or in which the support had broken down, you have some idea what it’s like for your dog if he doesn’t have the right kind of dog bed to sleep on. When choosing the bed that will best fit his needs and your own, here are some things to keep in mind.

How Big Should A Dog Bed Be?

You will find there are dog beds for all sizes, and . Some smaller dog beds are about the size of a placemat while an x-large one can compare in size to your own mattress. All dogs benefit from a bed that gives them enough room to change positions as they are sleeping. The best way to figure out the size of bed you need is to measure your dog from head to tail while he’s stretched out sleeping. That will enable you to know the exact size necessary so your can have the best orthopedic dog bed for her.

When we talk about the best orthopedic dog beds, we mean beds for dogs that look like smaller versions of human . When you lift one, however, you’ll find that they are constructed to be much lighter and easier to transport if needed. When you go out to buy a bed, lift the different models to make sure that you’ll be able to move your pup’s bed in order to clean around it.

The Best Filling Materials

The same materials that give human mattresses their orthopedic properties are also being used to make beds for dogs. Memory foam is a relatively new material that keeps its shape for long periods of without getting bunchy and lumpy like old-fashioned dog mattress materials did. Orthopedic dog beds usually have a type of coiled fiberfill inside them, but metal springs such as are found in many human mattresses are never used when making dog beds.

Dog Bed Coverings

In order to make your new orthopedic dog bed more durable so that it can withstand the use your dog is going to give it, the covering material used is more like what is used on patio furniture than it is like what covers your mattress. Usually the dog bed cover will be made of a durable polyester that holds up well and will clean easily. An important feature to look for when choosing an orthopedic dog bed is to select one with a removable cover so that you’ll be able to remove it and toss it in the washer when it needs cleaning.

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