Back Problems in Doxies

Like any breed, Dachshunds are at risk for numerous diseases and conditions.Because of their short legs and long bodies they are most at risk for spinal problems.One of the most common forms is a condition called Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD), actually an umbrella term for a number of problems.

Vertebrae are the hard bones that make up the column support.They encompass the spinal cord and are separated by soft tissue called intervertebral discs, which provide a cushion between the bones.IVDD threatens a 's health in many different ways.

Excess jumping and other forms of back stress can cause a rupture of one or more discs, usually toward the rump.  IVDD and other back problems occur most frequently by age four but can happen earlier, sometimes as young as two.Simple age can cause the disc to reduce its fluid level, making it less resilient.That also increases the chances of herniation or rupture.Often the vertebrae become more fragile.

A number of serious possibilities exist if that happens.

As a section of the spine loses vital support, the spinal cord can be put at risk.If compression happens, paralysis is not far behind.Constriction of spinal fluid can have similar result.  Loss of circulation leads to nerve death, since the nerves are cut off from needed nutrition.

Look for any instance of inability to elevate the rear end off the ground or lowering near the tail.Other signs include weakness in the rear legs or loss of bladder control.

In these extreme instances, treatment – usually surgery – within 24 hours is critical.If left untreated, the consequence is commonly permanent disability.

Even in less serious incidents back pain is present.It can be difficult to detect when a dog is in pain but signs include difficulty walking up stairs, lethargy and similar signs in an otherwise active dog.

Treatment with Prednisone (or corticosteroids) is occasionally recommended but entails risks.  Apart from the usual risks of long-term steriod use, it is possible to overdo care.  Lessening pain is desirable, but if it is eliminated the dog can become too active again, leading to more injury.Adequan injections can aid in promoting disc healing.

Even if treated with steroids or just Rimadyl, it is advisable to cage your Dachshund or otherwise keep him calm, reducing physical activity.Given the Doxie's confident and active nature that is difficult, but it is essential.

Don't allow the dog to stand on its hind legs, which constricts the spine.Don't let the dog to jump down stairs.Yard recreation should be restricted until the dog has thoroughly healed.  Also, always support the entire length of the spine when picking up your Dachshund.

With the right kind of care many Doxies recover completely to lead active, healthy, normal lives.But correct diagnosis as soon as possible is essential to improve the odds.

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