Article About Training My Dog For Agility

You and your will enjoy and bond with dog . It is unfortunate, but lots of people find it too difficult and -consuming in order to properly train their dog to this level. It is easy to train your dog to enjoy agility courses, thats for sure.

A lot of dog trainers will agree that it is the owner who needs to learn how to train the dog and not the dog who needs training. It’s within normal human behaviour to scold when someone does something wrong, but dog’s don’t speak ‘human’, so they don’t always understand what they’ve done wrong.

of all ages, always like to please their owners. In the event that they lack an explicit grasp of the way to please you, naturally they are unable to behave as you wish.

When you are showing your dog rewards as well as punishment for his behaviors then you are becoming the master.

Reward for Behavior

Even puppies understand goodies and a kind voice. If your puppy goes to the toilet in the yard on his own and you give that action a word, the puppy will associate that word. When the puppy has done his where you like it to be done, offer him a treat, a cuddle and plenty of praise.

Soon your puppy will like to do it’s business in the same place evey day and it will find that he/she goes their by instinct every time.

The same principle of praise and reward is true for every action you want your dog to achieve.

Using The Right Punishment to Train A Dog

Dogs are very responsive to compliments and love and will often try to repeat the good behaviors that have earned your affection in the past.  Too bad that if a dog hears a “NO” and sees you running towards him, the dog will continue to perform bad actions for the attention.

To teach your dog that a certain behavior is not acceptable, turn around with your arms folded. If your dog receives no attention at all, this is the worst form of punishment he can feel and so will begin to learn that bad behaviour isn’t worth the effort.

Agility and how to train my dog.

Praise and rewards are always essential whether you are training your dog or not. Playing is what dogs live for. Curiosity come naturally to them and they are playful by nature.

Showing your dog that an is a source of fun and reward that will gain him plenty of praise means your dog will love jumping over the various obstacles on any agility course.

You need to have patience when doing . An agility course in a local training class for dogs might be your first step. Make sure your dog is more than 1 year old and beyond the growing states because agility can hurt young dogs that are still developing and growing.

Learn more about Training Dog for Agility here.

Go through the agility course with your dog and make it a fun experience for her. If you have the choice, you may want to lower the bar on the jumps so they do not appear to be threatening. Use plenty of food rewards for when your dog inadvertently does something good and praise him happily when he jumps over any of the bars.

If you see this course as fun your dog and you will enjoy agility better. Your dog loves to be rewarded so once he figures out which parts of the agility course he is meant to aim at, he will soon be running around the course like a professional for his rewards.

Learn more about Training Dog for Agility here.

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