Getting A Dog Is Just The First Step – Next Comes The Training

All children love and they would love to have a if their parents will let them. Most parents imagine the disruption owning a dog would cause to their lives and try to resist. The result is often that the kids win the argument but it takes a little while.

Having decided on getting a new dog you need to think about the type or breed of dog you would like to get. With the type of dog chosen you now need to find where to get it from and you could get one from the local dog rescue pound.

Finally you have your new dog at home and the thing it might do is make a mess on your carpet. Now you realise the task that you have taken on and you must get your dog house trained. are clean animals so they don’t want to mess near their bed so you must choose the right area for your dog potty .

Remember your puppy is young and new to your home, it doesn’t know what to do and will be nervous. Make your puppy feel safe and at home but watch for signs that it needs the potty area. If it does it’s congratulate it and tell it what a dog it is.

Dogs will usually learn pretty quick but a young dog needs a lot of reminding what to do, at first. Accidents will happen and you must not get angry so try to be very patient with your puppy.

Make sure your puppy can easily get to the potty are you have chosen so he can go if he wants to. If your puppy does things right tell him what a good dog he is and show him lots of affection to reward him. Once your puppy understands what to do he will be eager to do it right and be praised for his behaviour.

Once your dog is house trained you can move on to other training. Your kids will most likely enjoy teaching him to sit and lie down. Put kids and dogs together and they will play for hours and practice their lessons you have taught them.

When your dog is trained to sit and stay on command you can develop the training to include other, more complicated, lessons. Walking to heel on a leash is an important lesson to teach your dog.

You don’t want a dog that suddenly runs off so teach it to ignore things it sees or smells.Dogs are fascinated my new things and smells but your dog must wait for your command before it does anything.

Some people love dogs but not everyone does so you must not to jump up at visitors and strangers in the street. You may love the way your dog licks your face but not everyone will appreciate it.

Having a dog is great fun but you also take on responsibilities with a dog and you must keep it under control at all times. You must prevent it being a nuisance to other people and make sure it is obedient to you. A will behave properly around other people and animals and it will be a credit to you and your family.

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