Things to Consider Before Bringing a Dog into your Home

You have been probably been hearing the request from your children “Please can we have a puppy?” ownership is a huge responsibility which can be an excellent way to teach your children. Before you adopt a new dog, there are a number of to be considered. You and your family will need to decide beforehand what your new cuddly can and can't do in your home.

Your home must be dog-proofed before you bring the dog home.  A great way to do this is to bend down and look for perils like dangling electrical cords that would be perfect for chewing; find toys and other small objects off the floor that could be harmful if swallowed; remove chemicals, paper bags, plastic items and even plants away from the prying of a puppy. Area rugs should be removed while your is being house trained. He shouldn't feel that this is the perfect spot to eliminate!

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Invest in a baby gate for those areas in your home where you do not want your new to wander. This might also be used to separate off an area just for him. This will be extremely helpful when it comes to house training. In addition, dogs (and particularly puppies) are that love to look around. To stop your pooch from gnawing on your clothing or shoes, you should ensure that he can't get at them. Your closet or bedroom doors should be closed.

Getting some rawhide bones and chew toys will help to distract your dog from gnawing your . Giving your puppy something safe to chew on while he is teething will stop him from chewing your possessions. In addition, make sure he has several toys to keep him busy. A bored dog can be a destructive dog! Plush toys, tug ropes, rubber balls, and are particular favorites of dogs. As with human children, you should give your dog toys that are appropriate for his age. Also, buy enough toys so that you can rotate them periodically so that your dog doesn't become bored.

Prior to bringing your puppy home, you should make sure that the house rules are in place. Can he jump onto the furniture? Can he go into your bedroom? Where will he sleep? You will want to determine that beforehand so his bed can be placed there. Are you prepared to be flexible and shuffle your game plan around a bit? Occasionally, dogs will pick a favorite spot in the house and if it is your bedroom, you will either have to train him to sleep elsewhere, or let him to sleep on his dog bed in that room. As with people, dogs have their own unique personality traits. You will need to be adaptable.

You will also need to have a strategy for dog obedience training. A well-behaved dog is a great member of the family.  Also, you will gain so much more out of the doggie-human relationship if you invest in dog obedience training. Do your research and decide if you can tackle the job yourself or if you want to find a training school to help.

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You also need to plan for the times when you are away from the home? Have you thought about getting a vet? If you had to travel, would you board him in a kennel or hire a dog sitter? Will your dog have a good sized back yard in which to run? What about exercise? Will you be walking your dog to allow him to mix with other dogs? These are all essential considerations that must be thought about before you adopt a dog.

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