How to Crate Train Your Dog the Right Way

While there are many people who do not fully understand the importance of crate training, more and more people are truly starting to catch on. You shouldn’t try to crate train your dog unless you’ve given the process a lot of thought. Without knowing all of the facts, a person could really just wasting their and doing the opposite of training a dog. Information on is not found handily, nor is it intuitive.

The size of the crate is one of the things that you need to know when a crate for your dog. There are several different sizes with good reason. You may feel that your needs an oversized crate for extra room, that is not the right thing to do. That is of course unless you have a large dog. The perfect crate is one that is tall enough for the dog to not hit its head and long enough where it is able to spin around. Too large a crate will completely defeat the purpose.

A big part of this training is that you will be able to have a much stronger grip on the process. If you keep your dog in a crate that’s too large, it will never be housebroken because it can easily go to the bathroom on one end and lie down on the other end. Dogs generally do not use the bathroom on the spot where they lay down. A small enough crate will ensure that your dog will try to restrain itself from going to the bathroom while it is in there.

Knowing how to crate train a dog is also about what you are doing when the dog is outside of the crate as well. After you release your dog from the crate you must bring him outdoors to the place where he should use the bathroom. Praise the dog for the good deed and go about your day. Leaving a dog in a crate with food or water is never good for the dog.

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Do a simple check by running your hand along the sides, to makes sure there are no edges where the dog can be hurt by running into them. If a dog is kept in a crate for prolonged periods of time that it gets stressed, the dog will try to escape. If it gets cut then he or she may get an infection. Training a dog must also consider its safety as a top priority in order to be sure that you are doing your job properly.

Don’t send your dog to the crate if he’s done something bad. Don’t tell your dog to go there when it has been bad. Your dog should not be anxious about the crate when you are training it. You would like the crate to be the dog’s personal den or comfort zone. If it is a place that it feels safe and secure in, it will not mind being left there while you go to work. Continue working with your dog and you will soon see the crate is a wonderful thing that has happened to both you and your dog.

Learn more about how to Crate Train Dog here.

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