The Surprisingly Gentle Heart of the Big and Strong Boxer

by Michael Greives

If you're the type of person who wants a no-fuss, ready-to-roll anytime, and versatile kind of companion then the Boxer is a perfect match for you. This big and strong creature is surprisingly low maintenance yet intelligent, eager to learn, and agile. Whether at work or at play, you can expect great times with this dog for it is extremely energetic, loyal and loves to have fun.

This breed is like a true military man that has a dignified stance and always-on-the-go disposition. If you're wondering why, maybe their history will give us some answer. Looking back at history, since its conception, this breed has always been at the side of soldiers during battles and noblemen during hunting games.

This breed, being huge and strong themselves, are descendants of the massive guarding, fighting, and herding dog of ancient Greece- the Molossian Hound. This breed spread across Rome, Europe, and Britain all along accompanying men in hunt and at wars. In the 1800s Germany, the breed branched out in to two different ; Brabanters being the smallest conceived of the modern .

Brabanters lived in castles and great manors when the great hunt and ancient wars were of existence. But along with the disappearance of these extravagant feats came the displacement of the Brabanters into butcher shops and theatre. From noblemen and military companions, the breed ventured its energy and stoic disposition in to cattle herding and acting.

According to some, the name Boxer came from the breeds boxing-like hand gesture or its box-like head. But whats certain, however, is the fact that it is the Germans who established and improved this breed. In 1895, the Germans founded the very first Boxer club in Munich, Germany and in 1903, the breed came to the US and became popular in the 1940s.

The Boxer's characteristic and disposition made him the ultimate people dog. They are sociable and friendly but at the same time careful with strangers; fearless when they have to fight, playful and highly energetic. They have the tendency to be stubborn and boisterous and so obedience training is necessary.

Even though Boxers can stand looking so big, strong, and dignified, they shouldn't intimidate you. Their history in battles and hunting games are long gone and today, they are only affectionate and patient pets to humans especially children. They are surprisingly stoic that they can stand children's poking, persistence, playfulness and unending energy.

With this dog for a companion, you will definitely experience easy maintenance. You don't need to care for them like other high maintenance for they clean quickly with wiping. So if you're looking for a companion that's friendly, a fast learner, and is easily pleased then the Boxer is the correct breed for you.

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