Small Dogs – The Brussels Griffon, Welsh Terriers, and the Whippet

Small Dogs - The Brussels Griffon, Welsh Terriers, and the Whippet

Unless you have a particular type of dog in mind, it can be hard to decide which breed to get. The first step is to think about the size of the dog is most suitable to your needs and environment. Can you manage a large dog where you live? Or do you live in a small house or apartment? can provide great companionship. And there are a lot of different types of , very different in both temperament and appearance. You probably know about , however there are others that are similar to their larger canine siblings.

We’ll look at 3 breeds in this article – , , and .


The of the are thought to have been part of what led George Lucas, of , to create the Ewoks. Looking at these cute , you can see why people think this.

Brussels griffons are extremely sensitive and devoted dogs who will be more closely bonded with one person than others. They need to be socialized when they are young pups. Their sensitivity and one-person nature make them a better choice for childless couples, singles, and the elderly than those looking for a family pet.

Brussels griffon get along well with other animals, particularly cats. You may need to keep an eye out on how they are around bigger dogs, however. They can challenge for dominance, not really aware of their small size.

The Breed

Welsh terriers are relatively calm – that is, they are calm when compared to other terriers, but probably not so when you look at other dogs! They are sturdy looking dogs with lots of personality, especially the males. They are affectionate, outgoing, inquisitive, without fear, and happy.

Many years ago, Welsh terriers were used to control rats and other vermin, and because of this, welsh terriers love to chase things – including cats. Consequently, if you have cats, this probably isn’t the best dog for you.

Great with children, welsh terriers need a backyard where they can’t escape as they like nothing better than to dig, and could thus escape. When taking your welshie for a walk, be sure he stays on the leash, because his road sense when on a quest for fun is not good at all.

Welsh terriers require quite a bit of time from their owners. They need grooming regularly, and get bored if left by themselves for the normal workday. They are better suited to someone with a part time job instead of a full time job. When they’re bored, they can cause destruction around the house.

Whippet Information

Whippets belong to the family of dogs known as sighthounds, which are named because they hunt using sight and speed instead of smell. These elegant looking dogs are small, with heights that span 17.5 to 20 inches. And the whippet dog breed look just like small versions of greyhounds!

In temperament, whippets are like toy dogs, in that they are happy to curl up on your lap. These are very loyal dogs, bonding with their owner strongly, though still good natured around strangers and children. The whippet dog breed are very gentle, so much so that they have been used in aged care facilities.

These dogs should be kept indoors. Their coats don’t keep them warm enough outside, and they don’t like to be away from their owners for such a long period of time. If you’re prepared to exercise them regularly, they are great for apartment living.

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