Ionic Air Purifiers – User Safety First

User safety must be top priority in the selection of an ionic purifier for use in the home, office, factory or school.

Existing technology, regardless of whether they originate in North America, Europe, Japan or China produce a primary beneficial reactive agent.Depending on the specific technology, these may be called , ions, plasmacluster ions and so on. Their chief role is to eliminate contaminants in the air we breathe. There is much research on the efficacy of these reactive agents in eliminating contaminants. What takes effort to unearth is whether these powerful reactive agents also act against the delicate human tissues that lead from the trachea to the bronchi of the lungs.

Whether by design or otherwise, there is also an about whether there are other by- and if these are harmful to fragile human tissues as well. In the industry, however, it is has been established that current ionic air purifier technology inadvertently results in the production of by-products that may, in sufficient concentrations, prove harmful to human tissue. Ozone is one of the potentially toxic by-products. In high concentrations, ozone has been proven to damage human tissues.

In the light of the above, the issue of safety for the user of an ionic air purifier has to be addressed from these two perspectives:

(1) Potential harm from the beneficial reactive agents, and

(2) Potential harm from the unintended by-products.

Our intensive though by no means exhaustive research on these two perspectives have been condensed into two detailed write-ups that are featured on

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Subject to their terms and conditions, allows publishers to freely reproduce these two articles. So help yourself, publish the two articles on your websites as a complete set, via these links:

(1) Beneficial reactive agents

(2) Unintended by-products

In addition, keep updated with our progress as we research other aspects of the very broad, intriguing and exciting field of ionic air purifier technologies.

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