The Doxie Breed

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Dogs are loved by their owners.With Doxies that devotion reaches new heights.  The reasons aren’t hard to understand.Doxies are special in many ways.

Translation from the German “badger dog” shows just one of those ways.  Bred in the early 1600s to hunt those ferocious little animals, the Dachshund became ferocious himself.  That assertive and fearless attitude remains today.

That feisty nature can be a negative or positive.

Dogs that are independent can make great companions, being as that also makes them playful and exploratory.It gives the dog lots of energy and a willingness to try new things.It also means that skill and extra patience are required to train them.Doxies are more inclined than many other breeds to strive for alpha status in the household.Reminding them that the human is alpha may require a long struggle.

But that has to be appropriate to the breed’s physical and mental attributes.

Doxies weigh between 10-30 lbs and are 9 inches high at the shoulder.  Toy varieties are quite a bit smaller, often under 8 lbs and only 5 inches high.They have an average lifespan of between 14-17 years.

Doxies are much more prone to spinal problems than other breeds due to their long bodies and short legs.Serious problems can be caused by rough handling.

Screaming won’t do the trick because they are assertive.  At best that produces a fearful dog, at worst, they can become hostile and aggressive in response.Doxies may look at their trainer as an enemy badger.  Barking is more common in Doxies, too, so owners should be prepared.

They make for excellent companions and pets with the right approach.

There are three basic varieties – Smooth-Coats, Wire-Coats, and Long-Hairs.But the difference goes beyond the type of fur they have.The personalities of the three varieties tend to follow a pattern, as well.

Smooth-haired Doxies more often attach themselves to a single family member.They tend to be wary and stand-offish of other animals but will tolerate other humans.  The Wire-haired is usually more playful and outgoing.Long-haired Dachshunds tend to be a little more placid.Though, like any Dachshund, they are up for a game of fetch whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Apart from spinal problems, they less often suffer from diseases that are more prevalent in other breeds.Abdominal cancers, diabetes and other diseases are possible but much less common in Dachshunds.  Urinary tract problems (such as stones) can occur, but they are more likely in special varieties such as Double Dapples and those with blue eyes.  These types tend to have more eye and hearing problems, too.

Raising a healthy and happy dog is a challenge.But owners commonly report that the rewards in their case are especially large.  Dachshunds are highly affectionate and very loyal.  The people who live with them tend to return the favor.

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