How to Stop Dog Jumping

The problem of jumping is very common. Often, dog owners will unknowingly support jumping when they respond with excitement to a puppy that jumps up at them.

This teaches the puppy that he will receive hugs and kisses when he jumps up. Your dog doesn't realize that there is a difference between jumping up as a small puppy and as a large adult.

To him, the fact that he's a few months older is no reason for him to stop jumping by choice. Your dog will need to be taught that it is inappropriate for him to jump.

So when is jumping inappropriate?

Many dog owners with small or toy dogs view dogs jumping up as a sign of affection and excitement. Thankfully, it is unlikely that the rambunctious antics of these dogs would knock anyone over, plus they are so small that the only person likely to be intimidated by them would be a child. That said, most people do not like a strange dog of any size jumping up on them. Your dog should be taught the “off” command for times when you are too far away to stop his jumping.

The “no jump” or “off” command is vital for owners of large dogs. When a large dog stands on his hind legs, he will often be taller than a human – just think how frightening that would be for a small child! As well, they are frequently sufficiently heavy to knock over an adult. Having your own dog scratch or bruise you is not but it's far worse if he harms someone else. Dog owners should make sure that dogs are furnished with a recall to the “off” command.

What's the reason for dogs jumping?

Jumping is usually a dog's way of showing enthusiasm and excitement. Some dogs only jump up when their owner returns from work after being away all day. If your dog jumps up on you then, he is simply jumping for joy. A less frequent and more serious reason is that some dogs use jumping to show their dominance over the person they are jumping on.

Your dog is obviously displaying his joy and enthusiasm if the only he jumps up is during playtimes or when he is thrilled to see you. If the jumping occurs under a variety of circumstances, it is likely that your dog is displaying dominance behavior, which is an indication of a communication or attitude problem. This will require modifications in the way you and your dog relate to each other, with emphasis being placed on your role as top dog.

Useful Tip: Secrets to Dog Training is an amazing guide designed to help dog owners tackle dominance issues in their dog. To stop your dog's jumping behavior, visit Dogs Jumping.

Your reaction to dogs jumping up on you is key to whether the behavior is repeated or not. Consistent training over an extended period will be required in order to stop your dog's jumping behavior. He must be taught that jumping is always inappropriate. You shouldn't allow your dog to jump one day, then forbid this behavior the next day. To a dog, your work and play clothing look the same – if you allow him to jump up some of the time, he'll attempt to do it whenever he feels the inclination.

How to put an end to your dog's jumping behavior

Most dog trainers agree that the most effective way to put an end to annoying behaviors in your dog can also be the easiest. When he jumps up on you, you should just walk away. All kinds of attention should be stopped, including shouting, correcting or pushing.

Here's how this training technique works: when your dog jumps on you, right away turn your back on him, fold your arms, turn your face away, and don't make eye contact with him. Dogs are able to interpret your body language so your posture will make it clear to him that jumping is inappropriate.

Many people confuse disregarding their dog's bad behavior with disregarding their dog. The behavior is not being ignored (you're not carrying on as if the jumping isn't happening, you are actively ignoring your dog). The cold shoulder treatment is a highly effective method to let dogs know you are unhappy with them. When your attention and reaction are removed, your dog will quickly calm down.

The appropriate time to praise your dog

Once all of your dog's feet are firmly back on the ground, you can heap praise on him. Once your dog's paws have touched the floor, you may give him attention even if you were ignoring him a moment earlier.

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