How to Stop Puppy Biting

If a puppy bites you, there is no need for concern. This is completely normal puppy behavior. Just like human babies, puppies go through a painful teething period, which is helped by nibbling, chewing, and biting. In addition, this helps puppies to develop skills in chewing and eating. Biting and chewing are viewed by puppies as play.

Puppies are naturally inclined to bite, however it is possible for you to . It is a owner's responsibility to make sure his dog is taught the appropriate way to behave with regard to biting.

Puppies are almost always cute and cuddly and they don't realize that their teeth can hurt. In their thinking, they are being playful and showing love. However, a small number of puppies will still find a reason to bite.

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While puppies are still young, they must be discouraged from biting. You should by the he is four months old or younger.  A puppy that is left with his mother would learn to stop biting from her. Frequently, puppies are separated from their mothers as soon as they are weaned, so they don't have an opportunity to stop puppy biting the natural way.

One of the best ways to stop puppy biting is to integrate them  with other puppies and . It is probable that the company of other dogs will help your puppy to understand the lessons that his mother would have taught him. It is natural for puppies to bite and nip during play. Your puppy will quickly get the idea that he doesn't like being bitten by other dogs, even in play. Just this fact will eventually stop puppy biting.  This is a lesson that you can't teach your puppy. It can only be taught through socialization with other dogs and puppies.

Your dog will learn not to fear other dogs if he is allowed to socialize with them. In the company of other dogs, puppies have the freedom to be playful and boisterous. It is also an ideal way for a puppy to burn up excess energy so you will be able to take home a calmer dog. A puppy that is given lots of time to play with other dogs will be less likely to bite or nibble you or your family members.

If puppies are not properly socialized with other dogs, puppy biting may become an issue. There are two main reasons why dogs bite: fear or the need to display aggression in order to get a person or thing to move away from them. Dogs that are not socialized with other dogs are more likely to bite. However, if your dog is socialized at a young age, you will gradually be able to stop puppy biting problems.

It is essential that there be respect and trust between you and your dog. You should never yell at your puppy to discipline him. You should also not do anything physical such as hitting, slapping or kicking. A firm and authoritative tone should be used along with a consistent approach with rewards and discipline. Always lavish plenty of affection on your dog. When a puppy feels loved, he will rapidly learn to stop biting.

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