The Importance of Puppy Obedience

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Puppy obedience should start early on in the whelping box. The basics of may be initiated by the breeder from whom you purchased or secured your puppy.

Puppies, according to studies, are not ready for any training until at least three weeks of age. When puppies are born they know only of their mom, that they are hungry and that they need frequent naps. During this period, puppy elimination is done by reflex, but they change around the 21st to 28th day of puppy life as they begin to leave the blanket and search for a place to eliminate. During this stage, puppies start becoming more conscious of their environment, and also become more sensitive to stimuli. Now is the time to make great strides in a puppy’s mannerisms and behavior.

Staying Positive Helps Puppies

While training puppies to obey, you need not use punishment to induce their readiness to please and do the right thing. A great solution is to use positive treats and reinforcements. Negative stimuli should well be limited to saying ‘no’ and blocking any negative actions from your puppy with your hands. You should not hit or otherwise hurt a puppy as it is counterproductive.

Puppies should be rewarded with praises and positive affection each time they respond correctly to a command. If not praised, puppies will lose enthusiasm and interest in obeying you. Alternatively, when given praise and caressed soon after a command is correctly executed, your pet will learn that following these things are fun and rewarding. will also be developed as he learns that repeating proper actions will reap rewards. Using a positive reinforcement and a treat will strengthen the dog’s understanding and increase’s the dog’s willingness to follow commands.

Persistence Mixed with Great Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to puppy training. Your puppy’s capability to comprehend the trainings and lessons taught to him is related to your actions, corrections, and movements. It is imperative that pups learn to recognize that the corrections are given as a result of his untoward action and behavior and that it will not happen if only he did what was expected of him.

For example, when your puppy is chewing on a bone or playing with a toy he is likely to not come to your command.He will find out that “come” means that he should head for the trainer and that it will also bring in the goodies if the puppy is told to “come” under controlled situations, like when he’s on a leash and is gently pulled toward the trainer then praised.

While instilling puppy obedience training on your pet, keep it simple and do easy exercises one at a time. It’s a whole lot easier to enlist in a training programs that is separated into phases rather than trying to teach your dog everything at once. Bring your patience with you when you are training and use positive reinforcement.  Slowly your puppy will learn to obey.

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