How The Experts House Train Their Puppies

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If you’re interested in house training your puppy quickly and easily, then this post will show you everything you need to know. In particular, we are going to discuss how long it will be for you to see consistent results, the key aspects of the paper training method, and the secrets for making the crate training method work for you. When you have finished reading this post, you should know what you need to do to house train your puppy, and which method will be easiest for you to use.

The thing to keep in mind when house training a puppy, is that you won’t see results over night. So try not to become discouraged if it doesn’t seem to be working straight away. It usually takes anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks to see consistent results from your efforts. However, trainers from around the world all recommend that you stick with your house training routine for at least a few months, if only to ensure that your dog completely understands this new schedule. Creating this routine is the key to making sure the training sticks for life.

The first dog house training method we’re going to discuss is the paper training method. This method basically involves laying paper over the floor in the room where your puppy sleeps. During the night your puppy will relieve himself, and hopefully have nowhere to go but the paper. Over time, you reduce the amount of paper used to cover the floor, but your puppy should still relieve himself over the paper.

A better method for most , is the crate training method. This involves making sure your dog is happy, relaxed and comfortable with being in his crate over night. You need to remind yourself that crates are in no way cruel of harmful to your puppy. In fact, your dog sees it as safe and comforting to be in a smaller space of his own like this.

The main why this works so well, is because your dog will simply refuse to relieve himself within what he considers to be his own space. While your puppy is in the crate overnight, he will not relieve himself – and when he is let out in the morning and taking outside, hopefully he will be ready to relieve himself. Over time, and with persistence, your dog will soon learn to go outside and not in your home.

In conclusion, I have shown you exactly how to go about house training a dog. Specifically, we have discussed how long it takes to see positive results, how to use the paper training method, and how to use the crate training method successfully. Now that you’ve read this guide you should be able to pick a suitable house training method for you, and start to see some positive results within a week.

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