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If you have purchased your puppy from a reliable dog breeder there is a chance that your puppy will come home trained.  If not, which is normally the situation, you will need to potty your new friend yourself.  Dogs are smart, and very eager to please; if you take the time they will try to please you. Your new pet is like a child and will respond well to being treated well; even if they don’t do it right the first time.

The main thing about knowing how to potty train a dog is that you have to be patient and consistent. If you are strict with the one day and then relax a little with it the next day, it will take you a long time to see your desired results. Training a dog can be fun and exciting if you have the right mindset and truly dedicate your time and focus to it. The first step to training a dog is deciding where you want the dog to go to the bathroom. Do you want it to go inside on a pee pad or outside?

The  most important thing when you potty train your dog is to provide a sense of consistency so that it knows what to expect. That means that if you decide to use a pee pad, then you have to leave it in one spot, and one spot only.  Your dog really needs to know where it can be found at all times, because this way the amount of accidents will be reduced.  In the event that your dog is showing a distinct preference for some other location, such as the kitchen floor, and is foregoing the pee pad altogether you need to start your training based on what the dog is already doing.

Instead of yelling about where the dog went to the bathroom, simply place the pee pad at that spot. This way the dog will begin going on it and you can praise it. After a few days move the pee pad a few feet in the direction of the desired pee pad location. Every few days or so, as your dog continues to use the pad, move it again towards the spot you would prefer the pad to be. Eventually you will have your dog going exactly where you want it to go.

Learn more about how to Potty Train Dog here.

Training your dog to do its business outdoors is a different story altogether.  No matter whether you train it to go indoors or out, you must be sure to restrict water and food to the dog’s meal times only.  This helps to prevent any extra accidents.  Roughly 15-20 minutes after a dog eats or drinks, you must put it on the leash and take it out into a yard.  Don’t let the dog go just anywhere, though; you ought to lead it to the place in the yard that you have approved for this procedure.  Once the dog has gone, praise it and then give it a nice treat.

A plan of action is required when the individual is away from home. His/Her dog may not know how to relieve itself if not trained for the pee pads, similar to other trained dogs. Training a dog to go to the bathroom outside requires teaching it to hold its bladder, hence crate training is useful. If the dog is kept in a safe crate while the person is sleeping or is not at home, it may not go to the bathroom. It is very important that when he/she returns home, the dog has to be taken out immediately.

Learn more about how to Potty Train Dog here.

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