Why Not Get A Small Breed Terrier?

For a lot of folks, the decision to buy a small dog is driven by the fact that they only have a small backyard, or live in an apartment. Yet while lap dogs are very popular these days, there are also those that prefer the temperament of larger dogs. For the latter group, who like the temperament of larger dogs but cannot get one, small terrier dogs may be the answer. Small terrier dogs were bred down from regular terriers, so they retain the characteristics of their ancestors. They aren’t at all submissive like a lap dog.

are, actually, the polar opposite of submissive. These are feisty, strong-willed, self-confident dogs that are tenacious and fearless. Consequently they need an owner who knows how to be ‘top-dog’, so they always know their place in the ‘pack’. This is not the dog to get if you can’t be firm and assertive when it’s necessary. And you can’t allow a situation to develop, even when you’re playing, when your terrier gets to win, even for a moment. – Because most terriers will challenge their owner at some point anyway, even if you do everything right. But if you don’t, you set up some potentially disruptive behaviour in your terrier.

Terriers are fantastic dogs. They are very happy and affectionate with their humans. If they’re socialized properly the household should be okay, although to a terrier, other cats will always be seen as prey. Terriers have a high prey drive, so if you have small children and you have or want a terrier, you should always supervise them together.

You can see the many small breed terriers below

Of course, even though terriers have the above characteristics in common, the various breeds have their own particular qualities. And the differences extend beyond how they look, to their personality Some breeds require more grooming than others, even within the terrier group. That can be an important consideration when choosing a dog.

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