Dog Who Are Trained Are Well Behaved

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by Isabella Gibby

Dogs like Yorkshire terriers bark for hours if left alone in the house. The breed of loves companionship.

Many times if a yorkie is barking the reason is loneliness. In this case barking really is a compliment to the .

If an owner uses the same dish to feed their yorkie dog daily the dog is more likely to learn boundaries. Such dogs are more respectful of thir owner’s belongings, as the dog knows what belongs to the dog.

If it is a friend, you tell the dog ‘that will do.’ If your yorkie doesn’t stop barking immediately, put him into his kennel.

Your dog may bark very loudly even if you are home but in the other room. This can be the case if your pet is a young puppy, or if you own a yorkie.

When your yorkie barks say with ‘good boy!’ then follow it by ‘that will do’ and the command to go and lie down. Few dogs bark when lying down.

If I happen to be out driving I stop and feed the dog at the right time. Training your puppies the right eating habit will get them accustomed to eating at the right time.

One may train a dog to refuse food of all sorts from anyone but its owner or owners. There is always a risk that a burglar or someone may poison food given to a dog.

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