A Guide to House Breaking Your Dog

It's no fun having your dog soil your carpet. Yet the answer isn't always to leave the dog outside. Some dogs are just made to live in the house with the family. Instead, the answer is to properly train the dog to be house broken by following housebreaking dog tips like these. The steps outlined here are designed to help you train your dog in a minimal among of .

Why is it that some dogs learn faster than others? the rate of learning depends on the intelligence of the dog. Some dogs, like the Border Collie, are just smarter than others, like the Beagle. Check online for the smartest and most easily trained dogs. Even if your dog isn't on the list, you can still train him. Just count on needing a little more time. The second factor is the maturity of the dog. A pup may not be able to control his bladder, but a really old dog is hard to teach something new. Third, the success of this will depend on your consistency. The more consistent you are, the greater the chance the dog will get the message. This article will assume the first two points and focus on a consistent method.

If your dog could understand English, you would simply sit down and say, “When you have to relieve yourself, wag your tail or whine or stand at the door until I get the message, OK?” Since your dog doesn't know English, you must convey the same message through words, praise, gestures, voice tone, and rewards.

The first thing to know is that dogs usually need to go within twenty minutes of eating. Therefore, hold off feeding him until you have the time to take him for a walk right after mealtime. If the great outdoors is the restroom, then you will want to go with him for the first while to reinforce how pleased you are that he went outside and not inside.

As we said earlier, consistency is the key to success with housebreaking a dog. You must consistently praise the behavior you want, and discourage the behavior you don't like. Since the dog must learn your language, be patient and instruct if he messes up. Once you are sure the dog knows what you want, then a mess may warrant a swat with a newspaper. 

Let's say you got a new puppy that is eight weeks old. Day one is the time to start training him. Be patient because he not only must learn your commands but also how to control his bladder (Be sure to take a pooper scooper with you, just in case.) Talk to the dog. Say, “OK, time to do your .” When he does, exaggerate how wonderful this is, just as you would a child's first steps. Take along a favorite treat that he gets only when he does what you want. Follow this pattern after every meal and before bed for at least a month or two.

Of course, while the dog is learning, you won't want to sacrifice your carpet. You may want to restrict the dog to a floor that is easy to clean. Freedom to enter the rest of the house comes at graduation. If the dog gives any kind of signal he wants to go out, jump to it and, if he does, again praise and reward him. Just make sure he has plenty of opportunity to go so that holding it pays off.

Once he goes, don't take him back in the house right away if he likes to be out. This may be interpreted as punishment. Instead, keep making a big deal out of his success.

Building a relationship is most important. Your dog will want to please you anyway. But the greater your relationship, the more he will want to do what you like, including doing bathroom duty in the right place.

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