Become A Skilled Dog Trainer

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If my mother’s yorkie cracks a bone he instantly drops it out on the plate and very carefully picks the food away from it. In the same way, my friend can give her dog a big piece of bone and tell him to eat it as long as it doesn’t splinter.

The training of guard dogs is best done by a specialist. The ordinary should be wary of training his dog to do more than bark fiercely and agitatedly.

Train your dog to retrieve an object. Retrieving an object is another great skill to put in your dog?s bag of tricks. I think most should teach their dogs this trick.

Yorkshire terriers, who are territorial by nature, will guard your home with ease. You will find that most come equipped at birth to guard your home.

Don’t push the dumb-bell or other object into the dog’s mouth. Instead balance it behind the canine teeth, and allow the dog to close its mouth on it.

If you shove it roughly into the mouth you will frighten and hurt the dog. Should the dog try to spit it out as many may put it firmly back with the command and ‘hold’ while making sure that you pose no threat to the dog’s safety or well-being.

Dogs’ nerves can be soothed merely by communicating to your dog what is to be expected. Look into your yorkie’s eyes and tell them in a soothing voice that they have done well if they have pleased you.

Once a dog has been taught fierceness, the lessons are extremely difficult to unlearn. Never treat your dog unkindly.

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