Mealtime Training

by Isabella Gibby

Yorkies will understand games, a prime way to teach a . Games that use positive reinforcement as a learning tool should allow the to learn in under an hour what he is supposed to do.

Such games easily teach yorkie dogs new behaviors. When teaching a to stop a behavior such as barking can be difficult.

If an uses the same dish to feed their yorkie dog daily the dog is more likely to learn boundaries. Such dogs are more respectful of thir owner’s belongings, as the dog knows what belongs to the dog.

If it is a friend, you tell the dog ‘that will do.’ If your yorkie doesn’t stop barking immediately, put him into his kennel.

Always remember to praise your yorkie. Yorkies love praise, and are surprisingly teachable through praise. Yorkies also love encouragement. They will easily respond to encouragement.

Yorkie puppies have separation anxiety just as any other breed of puppy. Our yorkies whimpered and “cried” when they were puppies, sometimes even if we left the room.

When training their dog to stop barking in the owner’s absence, the owner must leave and return saying sternly to sit or lie down (or another command that requires obedience). When the dog has obeyed the command, change your tone of voice to a soft soothing tone.Trust me, the dog will think the exercise was worth pleasing you.

Yorkies love to get treats for learning a trick. I give my two yorkies a treat after they rehearse a trick, too! They are very fast learners.

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