Training Creates Structure For Dogs

by Isabella Gibby

Once my mom owned a who loved to steal food. She decided to teach the proper behavior, to refrain from stealing food whenever he was tempted.

There is a risk that a dog well trained to not accept food from strangers may refuse food while in a kennel during the owners absence. This can happen, has happened and has been extremely worrisome to the people involved.

Yorkies are very comfortable with strangers. Yorkies love to greet as well as meet new people when on walks. When anyone approaches the house, however, yorkies will become very protective.

If a yorkie knows the people approaching your house for a visit they may welcome the guests if the guests are visible. However, if the guests are approaching a shut door as in most cases the yorkies will bark protectively to alarm of danger.

I think if you are likely to leave your dog a lot with strangers, it is best not to teach it to refuse food from other people. Sustaining the yorkie dog’s life in this case is more important than protecting them from strangers with an ill-will, as this is less likely.

Chew Training There are dogs that chew on everything in the house, and which one daren’t leave alone a minute in a room without finding there is no longer a newspaper to read, or your slippers to wear. Training puppies can be quite hard at first.

Another friend’s yorkie sneaks food that drops on the floor at dinner time. This yorkie sometimes whimpers for scraps of the ’s meal. Avoid if at all possible feeding your yorkie table scraps, as yorkie’s stomaches are sensitive. I would rather resist a dog’s whining and begging for scraps than pay a hefty veteranarian bill!

Yorkies could be seen as greedy by some. Yorkies should be taught good table manners. “Spoiled” yorkies’ behavior can easily be corrected with the proper trainer discipline. The most difficult part of training is not getting the dog to respond to training methods. Instead, it is more difficult to stick to the plan as the trainer!

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