Teacup Yorkie Training

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by Ava Harrison

After a dog is trained to use a lead they often become so well-trained that he doesn’t need the command ‘sit’ as you stop. The dog knows what to do.

Your dog will have got ahead of you unless you properly train. Hopefully he will not then be sitting in front of you. Train your dog to continue walking as you lead because you would trip over him as you began to walk again.

To get your dog to sit quickly and easily -your lead should be just of the right length, so that as you intend stopping you should place your lead, which is held in the right hand, up and over your right hip. This anchors the dog’s head in an upward position and helps you to push him to the ‘sit’ with the free left-hand.

Leading movements are done in ‘one-two’ time. Up with the right hand on the one, and down with the left hand on the two.

Your yorkie should learn this with OR without a lead, for even if you come only occasionally in contact with traffic it is never wise to have a dog on the road without a lead. In towns, of course, a leash is a must. Some people with well trained dogs like to show them off without leads.

There are plenty of methods out there that I’ve tried. I always learn something new and useful techniques in training my dogs, all the time.

Yorkies are beautiful dogs. Luckily, they have more than just looks to offer and are smart and easy to train.

Training yorkies promotes and increases loyalty to owners. Yorkies usually love to train.

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