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It is the best way to show kindness and love to your dog. I find dog training the most fascinating part of being a dog owner.

Many convincing reasons exist to train your dogs. For example, excessive chewing, barking, or difficult to housetrain dogs- these nuisances can be avoided by employing dog training techniques.

In most cases, the dog can be taught all that is necessary in a very few minutes. I use a thrilling happy tone of voice – the dog works happily, his tail wagging, with an expectant interested look on its face. I usually find that dogs are eager to please.

are among the most easy breeds to train. Yorkies are very smart and intelligent. They also want to please their owners, again increasing trainablility.

dogs that appear depressed or have low energy during developmentally inappropriate times (such as mid life, as opposed to senescence) may require more mental stimulation. Train your yorkie or play games with them such as catch.

Yorkie dogs appreciate structured training lessons. As with most dogs, yorkies enjoy knowing what their owners expect so they may better please their owners.

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