Akc Recommends That You Train Your Yorkie Dog

Show your a personal belonging of your own. Put the item under your arm to absorb your scent. Add the item to a pile of belongings.

If you find yourself in a predicament such as the retrieval training object you have chosen is in your yorkie dog’s mouth, always take it out of the dog’s mouth with two hands, holding the ends, never with one hand only for safety purposes.

During retrieval should be repeated, as in most training exercises. Encourage the dog to hold a retrieval training object that you have chosen until he does quite so happily. Most dogs enjoy finding their owner’s dropped article of clothing, or any other item.

The best way to teach a dog this one is once more to enlist other people to put articles on the floor, or on the grass. For retrieval training use personal items such as purses, clothes, gloves, and handkerchiefs – anything the dog might come in contact with in everyday life.

When training your yorkie to retrieve first decide to what you wish the dog to find. For example, use a glove. When training a dog to retrieve a personal item place the item, a glove for example, for a minute or two prior to doing the exercise, under your armpit, it will then pick up a good scent of you.

When completing retrieval training with your yorkie hold a glove under your arm without letting the dog to see it. Then place the glove among many other personal items, not too closely jumbled at first, and invite your dog to find the glove. The dog will be excited to play and want to find your scent. Its just the way dogs work!

If your dog has not done as you would like during training, do not scold him. Dogs will be excited next time you train and will learn better this way.

Say no to your yorkie outside of training time. Reserve this word for outside of the training time. No during training will discourage your dog and make your efforts useless.

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