Can Daniel Stevens Sit Stay Fetch Help Your Dog?

contains various /obedience guides, however is mainly an eBook which is downloaded to your computer and you can view on screen or print out (see Product Specifications section).

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Daniel Stevens (the SitStayFetch Author) wrote this book to be a simple guide and for anyone to learn (even complete beginers) how to train their properly or change . He is also a professional dog trainer.

The SitStayFetch eBook written by Stevens has in its contents a wealth of information to aid a dog owner in the proper training of their dog and the correction of more than 25 obedience problems. Some of these problems are barking, training and , fighting among dogs, biting and jumping. The process to achieving obedience in your dog is outlined in a step by step manner to aid in the proper training of your dog.

The pictures and photos contained within the book are also helpful to visualize the techniques easier, and also tips on training your dog to word commands of any kind. The guarantee for Sit Stay Fetch is 2 months and also contains 4 bonuses.

Company Information

Sit Stay Fetch dog training in coalition with the Kingdom of has come together and compiled a lot of information from trainers, behaviorists and vets to provide information for pet owners to the proper training of their pets and the correction of behavior problems so that both are happy.

The company creates resources and information on pet care and training. Most of their resources are available online for immediate download.

>> View Official Sit Stay Fetch Report

Product Specifications has online the Sit Stay Fetch eBook which is downloadable to your computer. This is a book that is electronic and which you can access anytime from your computer after download. The resource covers all the normal problems faced by pet owners in the training of their pets and the steps and techniques to correct these problems and end up with a well behaved and trained dog.

The eBook file is approximately 450Kb in size. SitStayFetch is over 250 pages long and in full color.

Besides the main e-book there are 7 bonus ebooks that you get with your order:

  • The House Training Book
  • The Dog Grooming Book
  • The Security Training Book
  • The Alpha Dog Book
  • A Quick Guide to Dog Aggression
  • 180 Gourmet Recipes
  • Dog Community Forum (for questions/answers and networking with other dog owners)
  • Top 20 Consultations

Sit Stay Fetch reviews have been astounding with raves coming in for the audio book version. This version is downloadable as well and allows the user to burn the audio file and listen to it on a CD player or a computer. They are able to listen while driving or even while out on a walk with portable CD devices or even MP3 Players.

Included with the purchase of Sit Stay Fetch is the bonus of a free consultation with the SitStayFetch team to deal with any particular issues that are facing you in the training of your pet. The questions are posted by the pet owner on the Forum page of the site and dealt with by the consultation team. When answered the information remains in the forum so it can assist other pet owners with similar problems.

Review Conclusion

There are several Dog Training programs available on the internet and many of these have been reviewed by KingdomofPets, but none have stood out as being the best more than Sit Stay Fetch. This is perhaps in the range of the top 2% when dealing with dog training. This package is well rounded and handles all the major obedience problems that pet owners encounter. There is a vast amount of resources and information included that can assist pet owners to achieving the behaviors desired from their pets.

View a complete industry report on: SitStayFetch.

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