Learn How To Deal With Fear Aggression In Dogs With Six Dog Behavior Modification Steps

By the time you finish reading this article, you'll have a better understanding of in dogs.  Plus you'll also know several dog training behavior modification techniques to use when dealing with this problem in your .

What Causes Dog Behavior Problems Like This One?

Fear aggression in dogs can have many causes.  Certain dog breeds, like the herding breeds, are more prone to this problem than others.  Neglecting to socialize your dog when he's a puppy can contribute to canine aggression towards strangers.  Past abuse may also be a factor.

Even if puppy socialization isn't an issue, many dogs go through a “shy” period when they hit adolescence at around six months.  It's important to keep exposing your pup to lots of situations to avoid him becoming wary of new people and new animals.

Dog Behavior Techniques

If your dog is already displaying fear aggression, here are six steps for dog training behavior modification you can use to desensitize your dog to strangers.What you'll be doing is teaching your dog that if a stranger approaches, good things follow!

To start, you'll need a few volunteers to act as strangers.  You dog also needs to be on a leash so he's under your control at all times.

First, you need to identify your dog's favorite treat.  It shouldn't be something he gets on a regular basis.  Steak, liver, chicken, cheese, hot dogs, whatever it is, it should be something he absolutely loves.

Second, the only time he gets this favorite treat is when a stranger is present.Your dog learns to associate a stranger being around with getting this wonderful treat.

The third step is to identify the trigger for your dog's canine aggression.  He may be OK if strangers are outside, but not in the home.He may find all men frightening, or just certain men, or kids of a certain age.  Do sudden movements, or somebody getting too close agitate him?  Observe him carefully to see what sets him off.

The fourth step is to expose your dog to a stranger.  Stay inside your dog's comfort zone.  You want to move slowly so you don't provoke him to an aggressive display.  Your dog should know a stranger is around, but he shouldn't be overly concerned about it. 

Fifth, as soon as your dog is aware of the stranger, start feeding him treats.  Sixth, before the dog starts getting aggressive toward the stranger, you either have the stranger leave, or your and your dog will leave.

It's very important that your dog is continuing to eat the treats.  If he won't eat, then the stranger is too close.  If the dog isn't relaxed enough to eat, you're moving too quickly with the dog training behavior modification. 

Remember that you aren't rewarding your dog for doing something right.  What you're doing is changing his emotional state.

More Tips For Dog Behavior Modification

You'll continue to work within your dog's comfort zone, varying the distance the stranger is from your dog.  The stranger may be six feet away one day, eight the next, seven after that.  As long as aggressive dog behavior isn't seen, you're doing fine. 

Continue these steps for several weeks.  Now you're going to start working outside your dog's comfort zone by having the stranger come a little closer, maybe five feet away.  Keep working to reduce the distance your dog is from the stranger. 

You can see that this is a long, slow process.You may be tempted to move along faster, but you can undo all the hard work you and your dog have done if you push too fast.  Keep the training sessions short, and end the session if your dog is getting nervous.

Do yourself a favor and find a good dog training course.  This can be a very helpful aid when using dog behavior modification techniques.  You'll want to look for one that includes a free consultation with an experienced dog trainer so you can get help, if necessary.

Visit No More Bad Dogs to learn more about dog behavior modification.

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