Are your Dog toys durable to use?

I was looking for a nice dog toy for my puppy who loves to chew. I bought many toys for him but it did not last long hence I wanted a durable . I came to this website the rates were normal and then I decided to give a try to these product. And what then it turned out to be such a nice one. I think the key is in how he plays with the toy – rather than trying to rip it to shreds, he enjoys playing with this toy kicking it playing tug with it. He keeps running after the ball around the house. It's really nice that I got such a lovely nice durable toy for him at last. I got this dog toy from and online website where you can find a lot of items from dog clothes, , and other that dog require on day to day basis.


My dog plays with this toy every time and is always captivated towards this toy and would not let it go. It is a real fun to watch when the nose gets stuck in the ring and then he starts chewing the toy. The durable rubber is meant to be chewed and so I am not in tension that my dog is not going to tear it off. It is soft hence it would not hurt him at all and you can stick treats or other toys inside for more fun and entertainment. The price is quite reasonable and worth if to buy. Earlier he used to tear off his toys in days by chewing them but this one took him a lot of time to really get spoilt.


I am purchasing my second one online right now and they keep him completely occupied for hours and hours. My dog has the habbit of chewing any toy that is bought for him and it is for this reason alone that he was able to finish of this toy, but before he could do that he had to put in many hours and this is the reason for my love for this toy. I have purchase one more item from the website with having this in my mind that if my dog chews it then probably I will return it back to them. But they surprised me and have been great. He has tried chewing through them with no success and they have held up to multiple games of tug and was between 2 or 3 labs my neighbor have. A worth while purchase for anyone with a dog that chews through any toy out there.


I have also bought Fun Fortune Rubber Ball Dog Toy ball for my dog. I must say this ball is made of real good quality material I have ever found. i have only bought 6 of them last year because we keep losing them. These balls are of many colors red, yellow, pink, blue and green.


The rate is reasonable and my dog enjoys playing with it. I think this is one of the best toy that I have ever purchased for him till now. I have heard from many other dog owners that the ball brake down and are of no use, but none of my dog ball which I bought broked so I am happy with the quality.


If you want your dog to be healthy so please remove atleast 2 hrs to play with your dog everyday.

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