Understanding Beagle Aggression

from any breed of dogs is a subject for concern. It can lead to a more serious problem when not dealt with right from the start. Beagle aggression can be corrected so long as you know and able to recognize the reasons stemming from this behavior.

Taking on the Alpha Role

Beagle breed is a member of the Hound group and as such they are pack animals. Oftentimes, aggression on beagles results from taking on the role of the . When you adopt a beagle, make sure you establish that you are the leader of the family or the pack as the will sense that immediately. He will tend to show aggression as a means of protecting your family and your house. Beagle aggression will manifest whenever he feels there is a threat to his pack (your family) or his (your house) regardless whether the threat is imaginary or real.

The display of therefore is the result of the lack of authority that should be established by the owner. This authority or the role of alpha should be clear right from the start to stop beagle aggression from getting out of hand

Aggressive Behavior

Typical aggressions being displayed by a beagle result from the following situations: dominance over their favorite toys, not wanting to be disturbed when eating or when resting, being territorial over their space or being hostile to other dogs or strangers.

Beagles show aggressiveness when their toys are being taken away from them as they consider their toys their possessions and as such, they feel the need to protect these possessions. Likewise, they hate it when you try to bother them by petting them when they are having their meal or when they are resting. They take their rest seriously that any attempt to disrupt that will surely be reciprocated with a growl. This is so because they have become territorial and ‘your couch’ has now become their ‘space’ or territory and they feel that you might want to take over it when you try to touch or pet them. You will also be disappointed when you try to socialize your beagle without the benefit of proper since he will not show his gentle, amiable nature to strangers.

What to do?

These situations can be avoided altogether when the owner immediately takes on the role of ‘alpha’. This way they do not feel the need to lead the ‘pack’ thus becoming less aggressive and will not take on the role of ‘protector’. Show him who us the leader inside the house by making sure to feed him after your meal and do not get him too familiar around the house by restricting his access to specific areas only. They will get encouraged to continue with the display of their behaviour.

It should not be that complex understanding beagle aggression since this animal is known to have a gentle nature. They are actually seen as safe to have around kids because of their relatively gentle disposition. Though they like to bark a lot, this can also be controlled through training. This dog’s intelligence and barking prowess prove them useful as a watchdog.


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