What is best for your dog, kennels or a petsitter?

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It is a worry when it comes to finding suitable care for your whilst you are away on holiday or even for a long weekend. It is so important to know they are being well cared for.

One thing to consider is would it be better for the dog to be with the company of other dogs or would it possibly be best to have someone who is prepared to house sit and look after the dog. There are a lot of people who do offer this service nowadays. At least if the animal is at home there will be no upheaval from his usual routine and therefore he would feel more secure without you.

If your dog has a medical problem, for instance arthritis or diabetes then it might be a idea to contact your vet to see if they have anyone they can recommend. Ask friends and family if they have anyone that they can recommend. A follow up call to find out if they were pleased with the care of their is always a good idea.

If using a boarding kennel then always ask for a tour of the place before you make a commitment. Check for overall cleanliness, staff friendliness and check out their knowledge of animals regarding proper feeding and exercise etc.

Ask to take a look inside the kennel that your animal would be allocated. Make sure that it is spotlessly clean and that means the actual bedding etc. Most kennels nowadays have special heavy duty washing machines to help cope with the continual turnaround of the animal bedding etc. These are similar to veterinary laundry equipment which again is designed specially for heavy duty washing requirements.

If however you opt for the choice of having the carer come to your home then make sure you follow up on references and it would be a good idea to introduce them to your pet before you go away. Some important points to look for are good relationship with the animal and a willingness to adapt to their schedule.

Finally ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date well in advance for your holiday.

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