Can Your Dog Consume A Raw Food Diet?

So you are not sure if a raw diet for dogs is healthy for your dog? Reflect on that question for a moment. Guess what ate when in the wild. That’s right! What a dog would eat in the wild is indeed raw natural food. We should be more up in arms about what commercial dog food is doing to our dogs.

We do to our dogs what we insist on doing to ourselves. Because we are busy, we consume extremely with loads of . Such products make us fat and have been proven to be the reason behind many sicknesses, such as high blood pressure and others. The same kinds of ailments are now being discovered in dogs due to the store bought dog food diet they are given. Some believe a simple high fiber dog food diet is the solution to dogs’ health issues. It’s not..

Benefits Of A Raw Diet?

There are dozens of benefits to feeding your dog a raw food diet. These benefits are corroborated by studies. Dogs given a raw food diet were found to:

  • have stronger immune systems
  • got ill less frequently
  • not as likely to get worms
  • get parasites less often
  • less likely to get fleas

Dog owners have always believed that the the health issues mentioned above for dogs were simply a part of being a dog. It turns out a pet’s quality of life is absolutely affected by the food WE give the them.

No Dangerous Chemical Additives

Another significant benefit to feeding your dog a raw food diet is the ability for you to manage the health of the ingredients. Raw food is free of preservatives that extrememly processed foods have. These additives do serious damage to our and our dog’s well being. By feeding your dog a raw diet, you can effectively cut out all the additives your dog consumes. It is basically impossible to cut out all bad foods. You may be too busy somedays and have to fall back on store bought dog food. However, you can easily improve your dog’s quality of life by cutting down on the intake of chemicals.

Our pets do not have a choice about what they consume Pets are totally dependent on you to care for their well being.  This is a serious responsibility. Improve your pets quality of life by giving them a raw food diet.

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