Pug History

Pug History

Pug history is quite interesting and colorful. Pugs are playful, affectionate and extremely loyal making a wonderful pet whose small size lends to easy care. The goes back to around 400 BC in China where they were bred to be companions of royalty. Even the wrinkle on the pugs forehead which forms a W is said to relate to the Chinese character for "Prince.”

The was also known for it's relation to European royalty. The most famous story about its loyalty was in the 16th century with . It is said that the pug of William III, named, Pompey woke his master with his barking as a warning during the night before a surprise attack by the Spaniards. And due to his pugs, avoided capture.

Indeed, Pug history shows that this breed has often been a favorite of many historical figures including Josephine, wife of Napoleon. Josephine had a Pug named Fortune whom she used to smuggle secret messages to Napoleon under the dogs collar when she was imprisoned in at Les Carmes.

Though there is still much debate over how the pug was named that way, several records show that also in the 16th century, the word “pug” meant “endearment." In later years, the same word came to mean "bargeman" or "courtesan.” In the later centuries, it was known to describe or define the breed of dog that it is now.

In the 18th century the accepted the Pug breed for registration. Since then, the pug has been known to be a great excellent show dog as well. It certainly lives up to its motto “Multum in Parvo” which literally means “a lot of dog in a small space.”

As you can see, is full of glamor and intrigue but, as any Pug owner will tell you, today’s pugs are just as wonderful as pets and companions as they were centuries ago.

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