How To House Train A Puppy Effectively – A Step-By-Step Guide

If you are going to be bringing a puppy home that hasn’t been house trained, you can use this step-by-step guide. If you follow the nine steps described here, you will be successful in house your puppy. In order to be successful, you must be consistent and persistent.

1.It’s crucial for the process to have the correct size of dog crate. Make sure you obtain one before the puppy arrives. This means it should be large enough so your puppy can lie down in it and turn around in it but not much larger than that. A puppy’s instinct is to never soil his nest and the crate will act as his nest. However, if it’s large enough so he can sleep in one corner and poo in the other, he probably will!

2. Make sure you are available for at least two days, so that you can remain with your puppy. He’s going to require taking outside a lot to begin with – from every half an hour to every hour.

3. You may need to restrict your puppy’s access to particular areas of the house until he is house trained.

4. There are particular times when he is very likely to require taking outside, so take him out at these times: when he awakens in morning, when he wakes up from a nap, after he’s been exerting himself (for example, playing hard), after each meal or drink and before he goes to sleep at night.

5. When he arrives you are going to need to take him outside every half an hour to hour minutes, until you begin to recognise the signs that he wants to poo or pee. The sign may be sniffing, circling or backing up.

6. Once you see the signal that he wants to relieve himself, you should take him outside quickly and wait until he does his business.

7. When he does his business, immediately give him lots of praise and attention.

8. You can leave your puppy in the crate for an hour when you cannot watch him for a time. Firstly, however, your puppy must be content to stay in the dog crate. The way to achieve this is through giving small tasty treats when he is next to the crate and then gradually tempting him inside with them. Once he’s been in a few times, shut the door very briefly and then open again. The time the door is closed should be slowly increased. You can also put an interactive toy or a dispensing toy in the crate to keep him occupied.

9. If he does have an accident and makes a mess in the house, just ignore him when he does it but be sure to clean it up and clean the area with an enzymatic cleaner or hot biological washing powder solution. If you just clean normally, some scent will remain and your puppy will be tempted to soil the same area again.

For more information about puppy crate training and house training your puppy, visit my Training Puppy Tips website.

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