Biting Puppy Syndrome Help On How To Stop It

While are known as man's best friend, you, as the , are responsible for the training of your dog, if you require him to live up to that lofty moniker. When you bring that cute puppy home, he's a boisterous and loving character. What he lacks is discipline and that is where you come in. You need to fulfill your end of the bargain.

On the whole dogs are usually the most lovable of , inherently faithful, fun loving, comforting and always amusing. Still, you have to face the fact that dogs are 3 years old standing in terms of discipline. That is why a training early is essential. Dogs utterly love their owners fondness and like to please them. It is up to you to make your puppy recognize what is required of him in the way he behaves. In their view, life is in a endless state of fun. They have no idea what is or bad conduct, unless you let them know what is. One of the most everyday dog behaviour problems you will have to put a stop to is the biting syndrome.

Puppies love chewing on everything, as any dog owner will affirm. The biting pup may have an enjoyable session with your favourite slippers, a book or a tasty bone. He should certainly be able to enjoy his bone, but you have got to provide behavioral guidance that steers him away from your slippers or your current reading material. He does not recognize there is a difference, unless you let him know. If you just let him do his thing, he will soon be an disrespectful biting pup, with the whole world in his approved list of biting behavior. If you're an irresponsible dog owner, you have no one to blame but yourself when he graduates to biting you, your children or your next door neighbour whenever it pleases him. The biting puppy, unchecked, will become a biting dog, bringing you and him in a whole bundle of trouble.

Just like kids, dogs require behavioral guidance. Getting a biting puppy to understand the limitations is actually quite simple. Where do you draw the line? Biting food items and bones is a good rule of thumb. Anything else is a deal breaker. If you allow him to bite an old, worn out pair of slippers, you're giving him a license to bite and chew up a mixture of household items. He cannot distinguish between things which are OK to bite and those which are not.

Puppies, when teething, are prone to be biting pups. However cute you might think their decimation of yesterday's paper, you have got to put your foot down. Dogs only understand rules in terms of the absolute. It's either OK or not OK. The punishment should also fit the crime. In the case of inanimate objects, a rolled up newspaper, with a sharp noise report, will get your message across.

You must keep in reserve the most severe punishment for offenses involving your puppy biting a human being. No matter how fun loving, or with no malice, a pup should be deterred from the idea that biting a person is acceptable. Let's say that your son decided to share some pieces of fat from their plate with your pup. He is certainly willing to share in this tasty morsel, inadvertently biting him. While your pet meant no harm, if you were to let this go unpunished, you are giving him a green light for a behavior that spells problems down the road.

In order to promptly and unequivocally nip the biting puppy behavior in the bud, you have got to come down on him hard. A sharp smack on the nose, removal of the food and the dog version of a time out is what you need to impose. Put his leash on and give him a taste of isolation out on the porch, along with a firm ‘bad dog'. This is language and action he can understand. He will know that his conduct resulted in a physical punishment, loss of the desired item and isolation from his family.

With this strategy, you can quickly and easily train your biting puppy out of its bad habits. By the time your pet is six months old, you will have a small dog that knows its limits!

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