Dog carriers | You and your puppy can now ride in a stylish way

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Gone are the days when the pet lovers used to carry their pets in their arms or even they would allow the pet to accompany them walking? These days we have many accessories where we can allow your pet to accompany us in a stylish way. Yes! We can buy the dog carriers, and even the bike baskets which are designed in a very elegant way so that we can carry the pet in an easy manner. If you are an passionate cycle rider and you always ride your cycle and also love your puppy, then you can now carry your pet in the modish Sport Cruiser which is priced for just $ 112.00 which means it is quite affordable for any common man. The item no. of this beautiful cycle is SKU164131. It hardly takes any time to attach the basket to the cycle. I was also happy to buy this cycle for my daughter because this was a double bonus for me. First and the foremost gain was that my daughter would be fit while riding the bicycle and secondly my pet would also get a good and perfect ride on the bicycle. Together they will like it.


This bicycle with the designer dog carriers basket is so perfectly designed that it gives all the comfort to the puppy while he/she is put into it. To give more cozy and comfortable feel especially during the winter one can even put a small blanket in the basket. There are so many features of this Sport Cruiser Pet Bike Basket that I insisted my husband to get it for my daughter. The basket is so spacious that all the necessary articles which one needs to carry can very easily carry for example the leashes, keys, the cell phone, the sun glasses and even the music player if one is fond of the music. The basket weighs for even less than 5 lbs. The handle bars can be comfortably secured with the help of original click connectors. My puppy was feeling comfortable and safe when my daughter put her in the basket and we could see the joy on her face too. She was so excited that she started wagging her tail. The Pet Cruiser Sport Bike is generally available in four delightful colors such as Pink, Blue, Lime and the Silver. We deliberately chose the color pink because of the fact that our puppy liked that color, this was evident because whenever she used to see color pink she starts jumping.


More advanced features which impressed us to buy this bicycle are that this bicycle comes with a sturdy cushion internal assembly which means it would give the best comfort to the puppy. The basket is made up with the help of six integral air vents, which allows the pet to be cool even in the chance of sudden showers. The liner pad can be easily removed and washed when it turns dirty. The 600 X 600 denier rip stop polyester fabric is used to cover the basket.

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