You Can Stop Dogs From Chewing By Using These Seven Tips

Why is it that is a problem for so many dogs?  How to stop dogs from chewing is the question of the year for many dog owners.  Read on to find seven solutions for .

Why Do Dogs Chew?

There are several reasons why dogs enjoy chewing on things.  The first is that chewing is instinctive for your dog.  Dogs play rough, and part of their play is to chew things up into little pieces.  If whatever they're chewing on tastes good, that's a bonus.

A bored dog, or one that's anxious about something will chew on something to soothe himself, or to give himself something to do.This is similar to people who eat when they're upset over something or need something to do.

Your dog needs lots of exercise to burn up his excess energy.  If he's not getting the exercise he needs, he'll find a way to use that energy, and he may turn to chewing on your shoes to do it.

Another reason that dog chewing problems surface is that you're not giving your dog enough and attention.  Your dog craves your attention, whether it's good or bad.  If your dog only gets attention from you when he's engaged in destructive chewing, you can bet that he'll keep doing it.

Six Solutions To Dog Chewing Problems

One thing your dog needs from you is lots of one-on-one time with him.  Play fetch with him, take him for long walks, spend time with him.  Lots of exercise will use up the extra energy he has. 

Dog-proof your home.  Put away things like shoes, cell phones, tv remotes, books, eyeglasses, and whatever other goodies your dog loves to chew on.  Dogs don't resist temptation well, so don't tempt him. 

When putting things away, keep your dog's size and agility in mind.  Can he jump up on the counter to get at something?  Or is he a climber?  Or is he big enough to just stand on his hind legs and reach it? 

Don't leave your canine friend tied up in the yard all the time.  Your dog can't learn what you what you want from him if you leave him in a dog-proofed area all the time.  He does need to push the boundaries when you're there, so he can learn which toys are his, and which are off limits.

Speaking of toys, you'll want to keep lots of toys on hand.  Give your dog two or three at a time, and swap them out every couple of days.  Dogs lose interest in the same old thing, just like we do, so give him lots of variety.

Don't blur the boundaries.  Avoid giving your dog old shoes or clothing or towels to chew on. It's unrealistic to expect him to know the difference between your old shoe and your new designer shoes.  To a dog, a shoe is a shoe.

The Seventh Solution – Catch Him In The Act Of Destructive Chewing

Now you have a teachable moment.  If he knows the “drop-it” command, use it.If he doesn't, make a loud noise by clapping your hands or saying, “Ah-ah-aaah!” loudly.  In either case, give him an appropriate chew toy right away.  Praise him as soon as his mouth closes around it.  You're training him that chewing on his own toys is fine, but yours are off-limits.

Punishment is seldom effective to .He won't have a clue why he's in trouble unless you succeed in catching him in the act.  And even if you do, he's liable to just wait until you're gone to chew on your things.

You can see how easy it is to inadvertently give your dog the wrong idea when training him.  The best thing you can do is to invest in a good dog training course, so you'll avoid making mistakes and having to retrain him to .

If you're trying to stop dogs from chewing, visit No More Bad Dogs to learn more about a dog training course that will help you to solve your dog's problem.

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