Dog Boarding: Tips For Choosing The Right Facility For Your Dog

If you plan on taking a vacation and you have a it is important to find a for your dog.  There are many ways to look for the proper facility for your dog to ensure it is happy while you are away and they take proper care of your animal.  Some of the things you want to consider in a dog facility are the type of place your dog will be sleeping, how many hours of exercise your dog will get, and more.

When you take a vacation the best thing you can do for your dog is to put it up in a boarding facility.A should never be left alone for any extended .Too often, pet owners will simply tie up their pet in the backyard with food and water and leave town.  What will your dog do when it steps on the bowl and dumps the water it has for the week or gets tangled in the chain on the tree and chokes?  Someone needs to take care of your animal.You never want to leave town and leave your dog on its own.

When you are looking for a dog boarding facility you want to check out the type of facility your dog will be housed in. There are wonderful facilities for dog boarding in Ann Arbor.  Some people provide dog boarding in the home and they may have spaces in their backyard for your dog to run and sleep.A dog who spends most of his time indoors needs a boarding facility where he’ll do the same.An owner’s vacation shouldn’t end up being a traumatic experience for a dog.  This could be devastating to come home to a traumatized pet. 

You’ll want to check out the specific area where your dog will live and spend most of its time.Ask about the daily schedule for the guest . How do they spend their time.Is your dog’s prospective sleep area safe?  Is it comfortable and fitting too?  You should be sure that your animal is not put in a kennel and kept there for the entire duration of your vacation.  It is very common for boarding facilities that do not properly take care of animals to keep them in an area too small for exercise and unacceptable.  Always verify that the area your animal will be in offers plenty of space for it to get enough exercise on a daily basis and one that is satisfying to your liking.

When you look at a boarding facility for your dog you should make sure you pay a visit to the place before you drop your dog off there.Just talking to the facility over the phone is not enough to ensure its a safe and healthy place for your pet.  Always verify what you are told over the phone. A option is to test out the facility with a day or two of dog day care. You want to be sure the boarding facility you place your dog in while you are away is acceptable and they will take proper care of your animal.

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